Top 10 Christmas Gifts I Absloutely ❤

This time of the year, Christmas is most special for me and most others around the world.

During this time, I look forward to my husband to give me that prefect gift without me asking and dropping hints.

Here is what almost most women would agree with me when it comes to men & gifts, that “It Never Happens”.

Not that our men care less or don’t love us. Reality, they don’t know what we like or get carried away with other least important work which they think is more important.

Well one end of the world, Oprah picks out her favourite things for Christmas, and here I am from Chennai, India, and I have personally have picked out my favourite gifts for men who are wondering what to buy for their lovely lady.

I’m making a list…A Wish List, every women would love to receive as gifts this season. Choose the gift based on what kind of a personality she is and sure you will not disappoint your woman.


Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau de Parfum spray (Limited Edition).

Available at Parcos outlets.

2. Bodyshop Gift Hamper

Available at all Bodyshop Outlets & all Lifestyle store

3. Fossil Smart Watch :

Available at all Lifestore Stores

4. Iconic Swan Double Y Necklace, Black, Rose Gold Plating from Swarovski

Swan Y shaped Necklace in rose gold plated

Available at Swarovski, Phoenix mall, Chennai


FAB BAG delivers the best of beauty and makeup products once a month, customized just for ever women.This month’s bag is all about breaking the mundane. So, shine on you CRAZY diamond, with the Blend The Beauty December Fab Bag. It comes in 1/3/6/12 months subscription packs. This one here is a good one, you will end up giving her a giftbag every month.

6. Bouquet of Flowers:

Don’t understimate the value of roses…our hearts melt away with this small gesture.

Available at any Florist down the Street

7. Chocolates:

Always go for the best chocolates in town to impress her… it’s totally worth it.

Lechocolatier online store

8. Sephora Highlighter Kit:

Shop the best face highlighter from Sephora. Get gorgeous and glowing skin by Benefit.

Available at Express Avenve, Sephora outlet


Get 50-60% off on an exciting collection of Bags, Wallets, Clutches & Accessories. Available only at: Express Avenue, Ispahani Centre and Factory outlet ( 65 Nelson Manickam Road ).

10. Adidas Shoes

A good way to a fit new year. Amazing comfort at great value for money.

Available at Adidas Store, Forum Mall

These gifts range anywhere between Rs 1000 to Rs 10000. Again, I think both ways… It’ good to decide what best suits your budget.

It’s definately not the gift which will get the attention of your wife/girlfriend/sister/mom. As a women, we only see your love. It’s worth a million for us, no matter how small the gift is.

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Beginners Guide To Prefect Brows

Review time for my first browkit ever… I’m damn serious about this one 😂.

I’ve seen videos on Eyebrows/Brow Hacks and never dared to try one. Finally I got my hands on one of my favourite brand “L’orèal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit” (Medium to Dark).

I tried this at Lifestyle Store, Phoenix Mall at Chennai and the sales girl just sold it in a jiffy by her excellent make up skills.

My brows were so prefectly shaped and I couldn’t believe that I had neatly groomed Eyebrows like those on the YouTube tutorials.

The Brow Kit comes with 2 shades, a waxy gel type and a powderbase. There’s a cute little brush one side & spoolie on the other side and a mirror.

“Most importantly the colour blends and matches with my deep dusky skintone and doesn’t look like artificially drawn brows”

Steps To Apply:

1. First apply the waxy colour with the bursh and fill the brows, which kind of sets the brows in its place and always remember to follow the natural shape of your brows.

2. Once done, wipe of the wax off from the brush and with the same brush get little bit of the powder and gently flick it up into the brow to get the natural shape.

3. Finally use the spoolie to comb your brows for a final touch to make it look even.

Trust me, it can’t get any easier to apply this, its that simple… I’m totally convinced that this kit will be a part of my make-up bag.

I will definately recommend this for first time users and beginners.

Watch Richa Saxena’s Tutorial on Brow Kit

Overall my rating to this product is a happy smiling, satisfied customer 💃🏽.

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Curvy Vs Skinny Women

Am I the right person to talk about Fitness?

Well the answer to that is, a big NO!!!

My husband laughed at me when I first told him that I’m going to blog on Fitness. For him, being fit is to look like Hale Berry or a size 0.

Well I don’t aspire to become anything apart from being myself, which ofcourse is a journey (Knowing oneself).

The term “body shamed” is something which I frequently come across on articles and on social media targeting only women.

“If Men are not subjected to humiliation or the uncomfortable weight issues during their lifetime…then why should women be ridiculed and judged”.

Not knowing what was body shaming, I myself was a victim of being body shamed throughout the majority of my childhood and adulthood.

I know how it feels to lose ones self-esteem and to be looked down based on how social media portrays women or how the world wants us to look like.

I stand as an example to all women from all walks of life, who change themselves to please loved ones or to be validated as beautiful by size or how we look.

Today, I can ask the world to take a walk as I am comfortable in my own skin and my curves. Being proud of our body takes courage and being kind to oneself is the first step towards celebrating womanhood.

Women around the world are flaunting their beautiful curves, strech marks, post- baby pooch, thunder thighs and so am I.

Being curvy is the new trend and curvy model are taking centre stage all around the world.

You can brand them plus size or all size… the fashion industry should definately cater to average sized women and stop catering to skinny waists which is one third of women population.

In reality, only models can fit into designer wear clothing line.

Listen up fashion industry, we are your target audience.

  • “Women are no longer going to fit into small sizes, which the industry is suggesting us to get to, instead let the fashion industry revolve around us, no matter what size”.

    Shanthi Augustus

I’m one of those who are blessed to have the time and money to focus on myself, we need to understand and educate that most of them are not fortunate enough.

We consciously should stop judging women by their body. I feel free, that I no longer want to loose weight or look slim or skinny to please the world or my husband 😁.

I celebrate and cherish women around the world who are breaking free from the myth that Beauty is measured by the waist size.

I’m Beautiful as a Curvy Women!!!

Make up a Necessity or Luxury

Today’s make up industry is massively misguiding women around the world. There are tons and tons comestic products to choose from. How do I know what works and which doesn’t. If are you like me, you end up looking up reviews on Google. The more I browse, I end up picking up some make up line which goes unused.

The question comes to, how many products do we need to look beautiful? What works for you and me? Which brand to I turn to for deep dusky south indian complexion?

Accidentally I told my husband that I have 10 shades of lipstick which I hardly use and his immediate question to me was, “Why do you waste so much money on comestics?” My response was classic, I asked him to watch few YouTube videos on Make up.

Bright shades of reds or shimmery shiny shade on my lips and a few strokes of eye shadow with dark black kajol/mascara often gets the much needed attention when I walk into office. I always felt empowered with the confidence which comes with the right make up.

You would agree with me as well that for a day to day working women needs these basic make up in her bag to look her part in this competitive world. I’m not an expert beauty blogger but definately know what works for deep skin tone like mine.

Here are 10 make up products which I absloutely love which makes you look fabulously to win the world, be it a regular work day or a special occasion.

1. NIVEA Creme Moisturizer – A go to cream as a base for your face, be it day or night. Can be used for multiple purpose to nourish you skin and lips.

2. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ – A little can go a long way to protect your skin when stepping out, even if it cloudy.

3. L’Oreal Paris Paradise Coral Lucent Magique Blush Of Light Glow Palette – Every deep skin tone women should have this. Can be used as a blush or an eye shadow. Looks brilliant for daily wear and highlights as well.

4. NEW LAKME EYECONIC KAJAL, 10 HOURS NO SMUDGE, WATERPROOF BLACK (0.35 GRAM) – Love the way it glides on the water line and smudge proof. Brings the beauty of your eyes.

5. Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara – Black – True to his curling effect. It makes your eyes more bigger and bold. Absolutely love the final look.

6. Lakme 9 to 5 Plum Feather Weightless Matte Mousse Lip and Cheek Color – Very vibrant, posh and elegant. Its literally, a magic wand in my hand.

7. Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator, 100 Bare Light – now this is prefect for contouring your check bones, neck, bridge of your nose. Pretty much works like a high lighter.

8. MAC Powder Blush BAD GIRL GONE GOOD – Great for everyday look. Subtle but brillant.

9.VASELINE® INTENSIVE CARE™ COCOA RADIANT™ LOTION – Never skip Moisturizing your body, especially your feet.

10. Carolina Herrera Good Girl Spray – Invest in a perfect designer wear perfume. My favourite all time go to perfume to make me feel amazing.

Well, these products are my essentials. I might not be using the trending beauty products but definitely gaurantee you it works for me and brightens my day for sure. I prefer to be classy and elegant than glam.

All the products are for sure are value for money and Make up for me is absloute necessity than luxury. I’m sure more women with my kind off deep complexion would benefit from my reviews.


Blog to know what’s new on Fashion, Fitness And Beauty!!!

Very excited to finally blog my mind out on a forum where I have my opinion being valued by women around the world. Caution to readers and followers, I’m not an expert, I’m only an enthusiastic blogger who is going to experience first hand, what works and what doesn’t.

Its is going to be awesome journey. I’m like some of you who never knew what foundation shade would go for my skin tone or do contouring really work for someone like me who has 2 kids busy running around like crazy. Honestly, I don’t know the names of many designer wear brands,  haven’t owned not more than a few pieces.

Don’t use expensive night creams and serums to have a glowing skin.  Definately not one of those who walks around with high heels and wedges, those are only for special occasions. You might catch me in street style fashion clothes most often.

New passion, # Fishing with my family. Love the time being around my kids.

Experiencing the true joy of being mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and finally being myself.

# I’m grateful for my life!!!!